Sunday, July 25, 2010

Perception Park Campground

Perception Park Campground
WCCU Group Site
Here are pictures of the river, and the campsite. It's really nice also. I should have gotten better pictures of the river and the paved walkway. You'll love it though, it will be so fun!
It is really beautiful up there!

Huntsville Park

This is where we will eat breakfast, and play some games. This playground will be a hit with the kids. The will LOVE it!!!


Reunion Itinerary and Information

Young Family Reunion 2010
Huntsville, Utah

We are so excited for the Young Family Reunion this year! We are looking forward to seeing you all and building some memories together. We will be having our reunion in Huntsville, Utah and Perception Park Campground near Huntsville this year. A map is attached to give you directions to how to get there. I know it isn’t the greatest map, but it should get you started, call if you need more directions or help. Another email of an interactive map will also becoming to give you an idea of where you are going. If you get lost, please feel free to call us on the numbers on the map and we’ll help you out! Thanks for coming!

*9am – Breakfast – Huntsville Park (see map)
10am - Games and Activities
12 noon - Lunch
1-4pm - Perception Point Campground - tubing down the river, crafts, activities and fun!
5pm - Dinner and Auction
6pm – Family History Report from Uncle Chad
7pm – Leave, Stay and play or whatever you want! The campground is ours until Sunday
(*all times subject to flexibility)

What to Prepare for:
We will be having breakfast at Huntsville Park for all you out of town peoples! Come and start off the morning with us and some good grub. The Huntsville Park has an AMAZING playground, lots of shade and an open area for us to play in.
After breakfast we will have some games and activities at the park eat lunch and then head up the canyon to Perception Point Campground to enjoy the river, do some crafts with the kids and more games and activities. A dutch oven dinner will be served that night with a Family History presentation from Uncle Chad. We will also be holding a family auction that evening. Please bring something to donate to the auction to raise money for the next family reunion. You could bring: baked goods, crafts, family heirlooms, that birthday gift you just didn’t like/need, any talents and services you may have been blessed with that you could share or give….anything would be great!

Also, the campground is reserved till 1pm Sunday afternoon, so if anyone wants to campout Saturday night and enjoy the campground Sunday, feel free!

What to Bring:
• Swimsuit, towel, any swimming gear
• Sunscreen and bug spray
• Camp chair
• A Tube or raft to float the river with (the river isn’t very deep or “fast” it is great for floating down. We will have an air compressor available to blow up your tube. We also will have a bunch to use, so if you don’t have something, no worries.)
• Item for the Family Auction and money to buy great stuff with!
• YOU! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Offical!

After adding in a couple of votes that didn't make it to the poll the date for the Young Family Reunion 2010 will be.......drum roll please....

Saturday, August 7th 2010!!!!
Huntsville, Utah

I found this great campground up Ogden Canyon near Huntsville, that is Wheelchair accessible in every way and is so nice and beautiful! It is black top paved, and has a paved walkway along the Ogden River. It is 15 minutes from Ogden. 25 minutes from Layton. We are right by the quiet part of the Ogden River, and doing some tubing down it will be part of our activities. I am really excited for the day and hope you are too!

If you want to stay the night on Saturday at the Campground you are more than welcome too. It is a group site so there is plenty of room for everyone.

We also have plenty of room for anyone who wants to stay with the Young Crew here in the Latyon/Ogden area.

My mom (Ann) has offered her house to anyone. She has 1 room with a Queen Bed and another Room with a Twin. It's just her and Alissa there so there is plenty of room and it's quiet. :) There is also lots of comfortable sofas and floor space for air mattresses or whatever. She lives in Clearfield, just a hop skip and a jump to the Freeway and to Huntsville.

Eric lives down the street from my mom ( I know! ) And he has a beautiful house and 2 Bedrooms maybe 3 that aren't being used and TONS of floor space also. He would love to have anyone who wants to stay there also.

I have a little house and no extra bedrooms, but some new comfy couches and a floor for an air mattress. :) And a nice backyard too! :)

There is a BRAND NEW Best Western Express in South Weber just off of Highway 89 that would be a great location to stay at if you are interested in that. I can get you the information. Or there are tons of Hotels in Layton. Don't know if I can recommend any Hotels to stay in in Ogden, :) I know, and I live here, sad huh. But I am sure there are some nice ones downtown that would be okay.

I also have some connections to a Condo in Eden, which is right next to Huntsville if anyone might want to do that. Talk to me ASAP!

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, thoughts or comments!

An Itinerary of activities and pictures of our location will soon be coming!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome and Instructions for Voting

Thank you for visiting our family reunion blog!
We would like to use this blog as a means for getting information about the reunion out to the massses of our family.
FIRST we need to deciede when to have the reunion and how many might be coming.
Above this post is a POLL. Please take a momment to vote on what date works best for you. If more than one date works for you, mark them all.
AFTER you have voted, please leave a comment on this post. Type your name and email address, so I can keep you posted of future developments and information.
VOTING will end on April 15th! SO make your vote soon!

Laura Young Groves

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Young Family Reunion 2008 Photos

Laura asked me to share some of my photos from the 2008 reunion...

Some of the kiddos:




See!  Doesn't it look fun??  You know you can't wait til the next one this summer!!